Is it Love? or Is it Hate? Pt 2

HI AGAIN! srry if i took too long. anyway, welcome to Is it Love? or Is it Hate? PART 2!! second quiz ever made!(take Is it Love? or Is it Hate? quiz) Lets get started!

Robert is being pretty stupid and Luke is worried. Michael on the other hand, is well, pretty much scared of his big bro Robert. you have a big bro too! his name is Eli! and he is actually cute!

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. Out comes an NME agent! ready to destroy anything! Luke and Robert attack the agent, it takes them about a whole hour just to get the bad guy dead! Then you realize how strong and powerful these NME agents can be. All of a sudden a dagger is stabbed through the agent from behind him, once he falls to the ground, there stands....Michael??? he looks like a ninja! as you watch the horror going on in your own bedroom what are you thinking?
  2. hours and hours go by, all of a sudden you hear Michael screaming out in pain! as you look at him, your eyes widen so much that they almost popped right out of your head...theres Michael bleeding, on the side of his torso! As you and Luke help him up and out of the house you start to cry because he is loosing alot of blood. True, you guys just met, but, you just cant stand seeing a person hurt,bleeding, OR dieing! you hear a small whimper, you look up and theres Luke with eyes filled with sadness, confusion, and concern all at the same time. Is that a tear? you think to yourself. I mean after all, they are brothers...what else are you thinking?
  3. After minutes of comforting, Robert comes running, he stops when he sees Michael on the floor dieing. He drops to his knees as tears start to form in his eyes. "Im too late." he cries. Then he mumbles something that you couldn't make out. But it sounded like he said "I will have my revenge". You look at Luke and he still has that same facial expression.
  4. As you watch Luke, you start to notice that his facial expressions are changing. From a confused and sad face to a angry and confident face. He quickly takes something from his coat and places it on the ground. Then he takes another one from Michael, then from Robert. "Hey!" says Robert, "This is no time for arguing Rob." replies Luke. As Luke places the three devices on the gound you ask "What are those?" no answer...."hello?"....Luke looks at you, then his eyes widen and screams "___! LOOK OUT!" but it was too late...BLACKOUT
  5. you wake up..."W-Where am I?" you ask yourself. You look around and you see Robert, Michael, and Luke. Why do they look so sad? especially Michael...."Guys?" you say, the three look up at you, and for some reason they looked shocked. "____?" says Luke. "yes?" you ask. "oh my god! your alive!" exclaimes Michael as he hugs you then quickly gets off of you..."I-I mean uhhh...i got to go." Michael leaves the room. "why is he going?" you ask "oh he probably wants to be alone." says Luke. Robert just sits there shocked. He cant say anything. "Where am i and what happened???"
  6. Luke looks down..."Luke?" you ask Luke opens his mouth to speak but Robert interrupts. "Come on Luke, we need to go too." "But..." "Come on!"....."Hey whats wrong with Robert?" you ask "no clue ___ no clue, bye" says Luke. "Bye" you say. your docter comes in and you realize that you've been in a coma for 3 weeks and they were about to pull the plug.
  7. you are well enough to get out. you get in Robert's car(he is the only one who owns one lol)everyone is silent. You start to get tired of it so you try to start a conversation. "So...where are we going now?" no answer. Luke wants to say something but Robert shoots him a look that says to keep his mouth shut. And Michael....well... you already know(shy). so you try again. "Did anything else happen after I was blacked out?" still no answer. "Come on you guys! I've been in a coma for 3 weeks! at least tell me somthing that I should know!
  8. Robert stomps his foot on the brakes so hard Michael is slamed to Luke's seat, and Luke is slamed into the glass! but you held onto Robert's seat before you could hit it. once Luke sat back into the chair he looked at Robert, who looks angry for some reason, yells "DUDE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!" "OH! I DONT KNOW MABYE ITS BECAUSE I WANT ____ TO SHUT UP!" "WHY? SHE WANTS ANSWERS ROB!" roberts calms down "I know I know, but i just want silence ok?" Luke nods. Robert looks back at you with sorry eyes, then looks down. "Im so sorry ____ i didnt mean to yell or hurt you." what are you thinking?
  9. "Its ok Rob." you say but deep down inside you really hate him at the moment. Everyone is silent the rest of the way. Then you start to pull up to a huge and I mean HUGE golden gate! the gate opens and in the distance is a very big building, your wondering if thats HQ. as you four get closer and closer you see yet another HOT guy.
  10. This guy is about 5'8 dark brown hair icy blue eyes and a cute smile "Welcome _____" the guy says. "Im Eli, your brother" Eli gives you a great big hug.....CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! i hate them too i know. will you comment and rate?

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