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  • what kind of friend are you?
    [published: Jan 16, 2011, 13 comments]

    there are many types of friends, and me and my best friend narrowd it down so you can take this……

  • which of my friends r u?
    [published: Jan 16, 2011, 3 comments]

    there are alot of people who are simallar to me in this world, but how many of your resemble my……

  • aRe YoU mY cLoNe
    [published: Jan 10, 2011, 1 comment]

    this quiz is fun when your bored, and none of your friends are in town.. i actually made this quiz because i……

  • what sport should U do?
    [published: Jan 10, 2011, 19 comments]

    there are alot of sports to do, and sometimes its hard to pick which one to do, or even to do a sport!……

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  • "ummm idk seance im a swimmer its hard 2 tell...i geuss a lil easily? idk, in gym i dnt sweat thow......."
    "it wont let me say on my computer :l can u ppl c it?"
    "y didnt it finish? the nd wuz"
    "lol nice. the events my coaches put me in r 500 free 100 breast 200 breast 50 free 100 free 200 free 200 IM 400 IM...my coaches"
    "u should its the best sport ever. like rlly after 5 months doing it i got a 4 pack lol but rlly i did :P. u rlly hav 2 take it seriously tho..."
  • "i starded going on a better quiz site. its quizzazz.com. my user is _willow_tree_*sWiM*_. go on it. idk y im posting tht on here...wutev. :P..."
  • "ppl @ my school think im emo...y? i dont THINK i look emo :l"
  • "(jst so u no im talkin out wut yu said on tha 1st page)"
  • "ya rachcab ikr...i cant read a book w/o falling asleep or just turnin on the tv or sumthin :P"
  • "10 year olds bands dnt get gigs correct me if im wrong...(there r only 3 things i care bout. competative swimming, my franz, and $$)."
  • "family guy"
    "i just got back from a qualifier meet for championships so ive still got swimming on my mind. what are your favorite events??"
  • "ive been doin indeividual sports all my life. horse back, figuer sk8ing, gymnastics and currently competitive swimming. (swimming in the bes..."
  • What sports do you play?
    "i do competitive swimming. i actually just got back from a qualifier meet...AND I DID MY 1st 500 METER RACE!!! i killed it! :P (hope i get i..."
  • "no 1 needs a boyfriend/girlfriend take it from an 11 year old gyrl herself...infact im dumpin my boyfriend 2day...yay im FREE! but se"

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