How ghetto are you?

There are many upscale people out now with all the big college education and nice neighborhoods. But the ghetto is coming back. How ghetto do you think you are? Take this quiz and find out.

Are you ghetto fabulous? Do you eat chicken more than once a week? Do you use Crisco for everything? Are you steadily trying to get child support out of your "baby's daddy?" Find out.

Created by: Brittany

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  1. Do you drink kool-aid?
  2. Do you drink kool-aid?
  3. What's your favorite kool-aid?
  4. how do you messure ingredients when cooking?
  5. Finish this sentence: "I got all the name brands and..."
  6. When you go to anywhere to drink, you...
  7. Do you live with and only with immediate family? (includes mother, father, sisters and brothers.)
  8. Are you friends with or associated with anyone called ShaNayNay, Pookie, Boo Boo, etc.?
  9. Are you getting upset by this quiz?
  10. Do you have a baby momma or daddy?
  11. Is your man, gurl, momma, daddy, sister, or brother in jail?

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Quiz topic: How ghetto am I?