Are You Ghetto?

"There are many white folks in this world that think they are ghetto. After all, it IS cool to be a ghetto person. Maybe YOU are ghetto! So if you want to find out, keep reading."

"So are YOU ghetto? Do you have all the qualities to be placed in that category? Are you unsure? Well, after answering a few questions, you will find out your true self."

Created by: Jen

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  1. Are you white?
  2. Do you have 2 or more kids?
  3. Do your kids have different baby daddies?
  4. Do you live in a trailer?
  5. Are your children mixed?
  6. Do one of your friends have the same baby daddy as you?
  7. Are you white, and try to talk black?
  8. Do you only hang out with other people who have mixed race kids?
  9. Does your child have many other brothers and sisters?
  10. Have you ever slept with someone and only knew their street name?
  11. Do you dress your child in expensive baby clothes and you have no job?
  12. Do you refer to your friends as 'homies'?
  13. Do you feel the need to talk Ebonics?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ghetto?