How ghetto are you?

There's a lot of ghetto people out there. Props to you if you are ghetto and proud of it. More props to you if you aren't. Regardless, I think a lot of us have a little ghetto in us......

How much ghetto do you have in you? Are you ghetto and proud of it? Do you claim not to be ghetto? You never take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Mary

  1. Your living room has a big pile of shoes by the doorway.
  2. You've ever worn clothes with the tag still on.
  3. You've ever been chased on foot by a cop.
  4. You've ever lied about your kids age to get a better deal at the buffet.
  5. You talk really loudly in public without realizing it.
  6. You refer to your kids mother or father as "my babys daddy" or "my babys mama"
  7. Your kids don't regulary sit in a car seat like they should or you usually have 4+ people in the backseat of your car at any given time.
  8. YoU tYpe LiKe ThIs or you intentionally spell words wrong such as: "dawg", "kute", "kool", "dis", etc.
  9. Have you ever taken the batteries out of the smoke detector to put in your pager?
  10. Do you have a carton in your kitchen for reused grease?
  11. No matter how ugly your ride is, the first thing you invest in is some rims. No matter how ugly your ride is, the second thing you invest in is a system.
  12. You've never been to the dentist.
  13. If you use eyeliner for your lips or if you shave your eyebrows and draw them in.
  14. You got upset while taking this quiz.

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Quiz topic: How ghetto am I?