Are You Actually Ghetto?

Some people think they know what it takes to be Ghetto from what they see on TV, well TV is fake and livin the life is REAL! Do you think your Ghetto? Do you even know what being Ghetto is? Have you ever been broke a day in your life?

If you are wondering if you are truly Ghetto, you don't really know for sure what your level of Ghetto-ness is and you feel like you gotta find out. Take this quiz!

Created by: amazon
  1. Do all your siblings have different daddies?
  2. Do you take baths and put the same clothes back on?
  3. Have you ever used dish detergent in place of liquid bubble bath?
  4. If you get an up-do and it adds six inches to your height?
  5. If you spent your last twenty dollars on getting your nails done and you know you only got a half a tank of gas in your car?
  6. If you have ever put a bill in your childs name?
  7. If you and your aunt or uncle graduated from highschool the same year?
  8. If you dressed so fresh and clean but you rock scooby doo slippers?
  9. If your idea of a Sunday dinner is fried chicken and Sweet tea?
  10. If you take your girl out to the KFC for your first date, close off the resturant for the event?
  11. If you under the age of 18 and you already have kids?
  12. You broke cause your boyfriend left your ass and went to college?
  13. If it takes using your emergency brake to park your car even if you are not on an incline?
  14. If some of your car windows don't roll down and some of your doors don't open?
  15. If you wear your fake finger nails so long that you can't write?
  16. If you got a different phone every week but no job?
  17. When you are ashy you go into a convience store and use lotion and put it back on the shelf. Hey I only need it this one time why should I buy it?
  18. If you ever heard somebody in your family that said we got indiana in our blood?
  19. You got four to eight names?
  20. Do you borrow things and don't never give it back?
  21. Do stay at the club until you have to go to school the next morning?
  22. Have you ever brought your own popcorn to the movies?
  23. Have you ever stole from a buffet?

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Quiz topic: Am I Actually Ghetto?