Are you Ghetto?

Are you ghetto? Are you a little ghetto? Do you think you know someone who is ghetto? Take this quiz to see... This quiz is only for fun! This quiz isnt meant to make fun of or diss anyone... This quiz is for everyone of any sex, race, or religon etc...

So you think you are ghetto? Take this quiz to determine how ghetto you are! Ever wish there was a ghetto meter, thanks to this quiz there is! In just a few mintues you will find out how ghetto you are

Created by: Tiffany
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  1. Do you know a keisha?
  2. Do you have a baby daddy or baby momma?
  3. Do you steal food from an all you can eat buffet?
  4. If you don't use bubble bath you use Dawn...
  5. Do you know a Lil Jon production before you hear the lyrics?
  6. Instead of sex do you use the word cut?
  7. Do you have at least 2 pairs of forces?
  8. In the previous question you knew I was talking about air force ones...
  9. When referring to flavors of beverages anything that is strawberry or cherry is called �RED� and anything that is grape is called Ã&ce
  10. Do you own a Tupac poster?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ghetto?