Time Less Love Part 12

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***READ THIS*** Alreight have gotten some complaints on people's results and I'd just like to say this is based Mostly on personaillity and now at the end of each quiz I'll be putting on which person you like but the questions are more on how the guys feel about you personally.

I hope you enjoy the quiz and feel free to share any suggestions about what you'd like to see in the next quiz for next time. Write a comment and I'll write back.

Created by: BlackandWhite

  1. Where we left off was you had a battle and when it was near over you ran away into the forest. You're completely alone and you stopped in a spot in the forest once you where exhausted. You hear noises around you but it's too dark to see what's out there waiting for you. If you didn't t you should go back and take it or you'll be confused. Now we resume.
  2. After you lay down on the ground you hear a low moan like growl near by like there's an animal watching you. You can feel it's eyes on you but you can't see where it is because it's too far back in the forest and it's too dark to see. You're too exhausted to get up, what are you thinking?
  3. You struggle to get up and whatever was making the growling sound walks out into the moon light where you can see only about 15 feet from you. And it's a......=P LoL
  4. Ok, out walks a light blue dragon. It glares out you and continues to growl at you while you sit up on your arms on the ground. You both simply stare at each other and neither of you dare move. The dragon's beautiful and dangerous you both sit there for what seems like forever in the breezy moon and star lit forest of almost black trees under the misty black night with there straggly arms waving to unseen images in sky. What do are you thinking?
  5. As you stare at the dragon you see something walk beside the dragon toward you. It's small about the sized of a average 10 or 11 year old but it's too dark to see it's face. What are you thinking now?
  6. Soon the smaller figure steps into view in the moon light. It looks like a elf or something but it's definitely not human. It's female and about 5 feet tall but she looks incredibly mature. She has long hair about 2 or 1 and a half foot long hair. Her hair is a shape of pale purple and her skin looks a light color of pea soup. She's beautiful and has what looks like tribal markings around her eyes. You look from her to the dragon which she has one hand on and a bow in the other and you see a long knife at her hip and an arrow carrier on her back. What do you think you should do?
  7. You are still too weak to run so you sit there and watch them watch you. You begin to sit up more but the dragon begins to growl again and so you slowly lower yourself back down to perch yourself on your elbows as the nature girl pets the dragon to calm it down. The girl begins to speak to you in a language you've never heard. You look at her in confusion and she seems to understand that you don't speak that language. She begins to change to many different languages after about5 or 6 she starts into English. "Do you understand now?" she asks. You spring up, "Yes I speak English!" you answer with excitement. But as you pop up the dragon lungs warningly at you and growls baring its fangs at you. What's you reaction?
  8. The nature girl pets the dragon some more to calm him but you can see he's not all that happy about you being here. "My name is Kasidel (Kass-e-del), what is your name? " she asks in a thick accent. "_______, I"˜m _______,.... what are you?" you ask curiously. "I am a hybrid of elf and dryad. I am called Kasidel. You are human, yes?" She asks equally curious as you are. What are you thinking?
  9. You slowly get up despite the growls of the dragon. Your legs feel like jelly and you're still weak but you manage to stand. Kasidel looks you over and seems to catch that the fact that your weak. "Come, you can ride on Hinder," she says. "Who?" you ask then you realize that must be the name of the dragon since there is no one else around. "I'm Hinder," a heavy voice booms out. You stare wide eyed at the dragon, he hasn't moved but you can tell the voice came form him. "You mat ride on my back, but I'll tell you now I don't trust you and I'll be watching you," he said turning to his side for you to get on. What are you thinking?
  10. You struggle to get on but Kasidel gives you a hand and hoists you up. You notice she is quite strong for her size but you don't say anything about it. You begin a slow ride through the forest and your exhaustion catches up with you and you begin to get tired and soon your asleep. And that is it for today.
  11. Who do you like?

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