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  • Hello, i'm Sade :3
    [published: Jul 6, 2016]

    NO ONE READS THIS SO IT DOESNT MATTER IF I TYPE STUPID s--- :D YEAH. Sorry for caps lock.. its just that i…

  • Melanie Martinez
    [published: Jul 4, 2016]

    This is a quiz to determine if you're truly a Crybaby. Guess the title of the song and if you get a high score,…

  • What does your hair color say about you?
    [published: Apr 27, 2016]

    Please take this quiz to determine your personality. It's actually telling you what…

  • The hardest math test ever known to exist
    [published: Apr 4, 2016]

    I am the innocent I am what could have been The dreams you talk about, Now left…

  • Are you pretty or nah?
    [published: Jan 30, 2016]

    A lot of people ask themselves "Am I pretty?" Do you want to know the truth about how you look? Maybe you…

  • Does your crush notice you?
    [published: Jan 22, 2016]

    Some people get lucky because their crushes like them back. Once they have a chance, they go for it.…

  • Goodbye GoToQuiz
    [published: Jan 16, 2016]

    I cannot hide what's on my mind. I feel it burning deep inside. A passion crime to take what's mine. Let us…

  • Lyrics Quiz: Black Veil Brides
    [published: Jan 16, 2016]

    Burning on! Just like a match you strike to incinerate the lives of everyone you knew. What's the…

  • what's your ultimate karaoke song?
    [published: Jan 16, 2016]

    Do you want to know what song you should sing when doing karaoke? Well, along with a little…

  • An emos diary 2.0
    [published: Dec 24, 2015]

    Was a good day 😁 got me thinking about the new version and I are at. That was my favorite songs in my…

  • Kaity's opinion on which Christmas songs are better~
    [published: Dec 21, 2015]

    You're an ORANGE! You're an ORANGE! You're an ORANGE! You're round and…

  • Do you understand your health facts?
    [published: Dec 10, 2015]

    You seem to replace Your brain with your heart You take things so hard And then you…

  • Just for Le1F~
    [published: Nov 28, 2015]

    Let's have some fun, this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick Let's have some fun, this beat…

  • A special quiz for a special person
    [published: Nov 28, 2015]

    This doesn't matter. No one reads it. Love Sade? IF YOU DO THEN I WILL MURDER YOU. Please…

  • ~An Emo's Diary~
    [published: Nov 25, 2015]

    You are about to take a story quiz. Yes, I am making this into a quiz/story series. Please let me know if you…

  • The easiest quiz ever
    [published: Nov 16, 2015]

    Do you think you are intelligent enough to pass the easiest quiz ever? If you think so why dont you put it…

  • My Little Pony Quiz
    [published: Nov 13, 2015]

    How well do you think you know My little pony? If you want to test that you can take the simplest my little…

  • Wanna know the secret to making the perfect quiz?
    [published: Nov 6, 2015]

    Got a new one 😊 have been a long day ahead and make a good idea. Your…

  • Shout outs 2015
    [published: Nov 2, 2015]

    I hope you are all ready for some reading. When I made the list I was like "woah, I have a lot of friends." I…

  • Shall I tell you about myself?
    [published: Nov 1, 2015]

    How well do you think you know me? Well, you should take this quiz to see all the things you…

  • Would I date you? Restart :O
    [published: Oct 26, 2015]

    Okay, this is my quiz restart! The other one was very inaccurate. Getting to the point; do you think…

  • Qualitative or Quantitative?
    [published: Oct 24, 2015]

    He calls the mansion. Not a house but a tomb. He's always choking from the stench and the fume. The…

  • Are You Mature?
    [published: Oct 23, 2015]

    Do you think you are mature? If you don't know at all then please, take my quiz! You don't have to at all but if…

  • I bet you can't score higher than 20%
    [published: Oct 22, 2015]

    Do you think you can beat me at this quiz? Yes? Oh, really now... Is that so? No. Yeah,…

  • One direction quiz!
    [published: Oct 21, 2015]

    Everybody wanna steal my girl. Everybody wanna take her heart away. A couple billion in the whole wide world.…

  • My favorite songs from My Chemical Romance
    [published: Oct 21, 2015]

    He calls the mansion. Not a house but a tomb. He's always choking from the stench and…

  • How well do you know Jesse? (Shadowmere)
    [published: Oct 21, 2015]

    How well do you know my brother? Well, actually, how well do you think you know? You…

  • The lyrics quiz!
    [published: Oct 20, 2015]

    How well do the you know the song "Just the way you are?" Huh? Well if you don't know then this is the quiz for…

  • Kait's Playlist
    [published: Oct 19, 2015]

    When the days are cold and the cards all fold and the saints we hail all are made of gold... I wanna hide the…

  • How well do you know Insidious?
    [published: Oct 18, 2015]

    You are taking this quiz to see how many facts you know/remember about Insidious. You don't even…

  • Random Emoji's for kids
    [published: Oct 15, 2015]


  • Can you guess the name to le song?
    [published: Oct 13, 2015]

    Randomness lol, like a good day at work and a new photo of me in my. Jesse Jackson was in is…

  • Are you a good parent? (for guys and girls)
    [published: Oct 6, 2015]

    How good are you at parenting? You don't know, do you? Well, luckily you have this…

  • Do you have the skillz to pay the billz?
    [published: Oct 2, 2015]

    We like to party, dancing with Miley. Doing whatever we want, this is our house, these…

  • A special shout out to my lovely children :D
    [published: Sep 30, 2015]

    I wanna dance, wanna dance forever. I wanna dance, wanna dance all night. Baby bend…

  • Hey guys, I LOVE YOU
    [published: Sep 30, 2015]

    Smurfs are awesome. Dont you agree? Well obviously you do. Ha, I'm just that stupid, I'm annoying. I…

  • Are you cool enough to hang with Carter The sheep?
    [published: Sep 28, 2015]

    What the hell? All my life I've been good but now, oh woah, I'm thinking what…

  • Which cat clan do you belong to?
    [published: Sep 27, 2015]

    I can hold my breathe. I can bite my tongue. I can stay awake for days, if that's what you want.…

  • Is it a real word?
    [published: Sep 25, 2015]

    This is a test to see if you know your vocabulary, I guess. Try your best and if you get stuck just make an…

  • I am KAIT (yeah you heard me)
    [published: Sep 23, 2015]

    Random that you are not responsible and the color scheme of my friends. Jozy not only to…

  • Which weapon should you use?
    [published: Sep 17, 2015]

    Randomness time...she is a great day and the is for you can do that to be able bodied men and women…

  • This is a level up quiz :3
    [published: Sep 17, 2015]

    Randomness time. And I have to be able bodied men and women of color in my head and. DJ and I have a…

  • ~Sade's Secrets~
    [published: Sep 11, 2015]

    I threw a wish in the well, don't ask me, ill never tell. I looked at you as I fell. Bit now your in my way.…

  • How well do you REALLY know me?
    [published: Sep 9, 2015]

    They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad, they say I'm evil. That makes me glad a dirty no good…

  • A dedication quiz
    [published: Sep 6, 2015]

    No one reads this do I will type my normal nonsense USED TO BE YOUR BABY USED TO BE YOUR LADY THOUGHT YOU WERE…

  • The Lyrics Quiz
    [published: Sep 4, 2015]

    No one reads this so ill just type random s--- like always...all my life I've been good but now oh oh oh I'm…

  • The Randomness Quiz
    [published: Sep 2, 2015]

    If your lips are moving if your lips are moving if your lips are moving then your lying lying lying hey boy…

  • My shout out quiz #2
    [published: Aug 17, 2015]

    This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I'm alright song My power's turned on Starting…

  • 12 facts about Sade
    [published: Aug 17, 2015]

    Today is your lucky day you get to know 12 stupid things about meh I was bored so I made this quiz anyways…

  • My shout out quiz
    [published: Aug 8, 2015]

    No one reads this so I'm going to say random stuff...1738 hey I'm like hey wassup hello seen you lr pretty ass…

  • would i date you
    [published: Jul 28, 2015]

    It doesn't matter what I write hear because who reads it anymore...hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend…

  • How well do you know me
    [published: Jul 17, 2015]

    Take my quiz to see how much you know about me the questions are very easy remember there is only one…

  • Are you my type
    [published: Jun 18, 2015]

    Take my quiz to find out if your my type sorry I forgot to say this guy's only please and only take this quiz if…

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  • yikes, i need h e l p
    "ykw that sounds like a perfect idea. can't believe i haven't thought about that. the key to gaining friendship is making someone think you'r..."
  • Sade's thread
    "that's cryptic and trippy🐸☕ hello person ily"
  • Sade's thread
    "..who dis"
  • Sade's thread
    "no ily sniper"
  • Sade's thread
    "i completely shattered my phone and i can't get a new one r i p"
  • Sade's thread
    "kinda sad now"
  • Sade's thread
    "hoi josh erm i freaking love scary threads on ig and im weirddd"
  • Sade's thread
    "stay hydrated f---ing sleep paralysis demon"
  • Sade's thread
    "stay hydrated f---ing sleep paralysis demon"
  • Music Suggestions
    "im sorry if these are generic or you hate them, but they're just suggestions. it's a range of rock, country, emo, rap, pop, etc. most of ..."
  • Sade's thread
    "I think one of my favourite songs from x is hope the vibes are aesthetic"
  • Sade's thread
    "welp i go to therapy monday actually looking forward to it. the thought of telling someone everything made me feel really weird and ki"
  • Sade's thread
    "hi :) /casually responds nine days later It's nearly 5am and I'm still awake My sleeping schedule is going t"
  • Sade's thread
    "man oh man ^ two of my favourite users noticed me hehe sen..."
  • Sade's thread
    "and im happy to say that my emo phase is gone. somewhat"

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