what's your ultimate karaoke song?

Do you want to know what song you should sing when doing karaoke? Well, along with a little more about your personality? Yes? Then I guess this is the quiz for you!

My quiz is basically telling you which karaoke song is based on your personality. Don't stress, this is probably 50% inaccurate. At the same time I could be wrong.

Created by: sademogirl

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you rather sing by yourself or with a group if friends?
  2. Are you in a relationship now?
  3. Most of the songs on your IPod:
  4. When you're crushing on someone, you....
  5. Your friends always say they wish they were _____ like you!
  6. You like lyrics about...
  7. If you were a singer, you'd write a revenge song about...
  8. The best way to deal with a rumor is...
  9. Your favorite quote is..
  10. Which song is your favorite? Out of these, that is. -no effect because this is a pointless question-

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Quiz topic: What's my ultimate karaoke song?