What is your Element?

Have you always wondered what your personality is? Well this quiz will tell you!

Please answer truthfully, or your results will not be accurate what so ever. No one will be able to see your answer, only your result. Please. It will help both you and me.

Created by: Falconflight

  1. Most of these are True or False, Okay?
  2. You are quick
  3. You like getting revenge.
  4. You are very smart
  5. You are a quick thinker (good at thinking problems)
  6. You are kindhearted
  7. Things HAVE to be your way
  8. You are both emotionally and spiritually strong
  9. You are a leader at heart
  10. You may have anger issues
  11. You are skilled at the art of battle
  12. You are very cold hearted
  13. You are cunning
  14. You are open to what others have to say without criticism
  15. You are sly
  16. You are a perfectionist
  17. You have answered truthfully, right? No one will see your answers.
  18. Here are your answers. If they are not accurate, it's because you didn't answer truthfully.

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Quiz topic: What is my Element?