Test of the element

All right, this quiz tests what element you are: fire, water, air, or earth. I learned about those not too long ago in school, so they are all accurate. Please enjoy. I hope you will all rate and comment. Answer very truthfully.

Sorry about the last question, but this was hard enough to make by itself. So which are you? A thinker, creator of things, fantasy fanatic, or one of true feelings? You can find out now, with this accurate quiz!

Created by: Skydragon

  1. Choose one of the following, that appeals to you most:
  2. Your personality:
  3. Which belongs to you most likely:
  4. Which would you choose to describe yourself?
  5. Which are you?
  6. Which would you rather do?
  7. Pick one:
  8. Book genre:
  9. Do you think a lot?
  10. That was it. Sorry, I'm not so good at this quiz making, then I do at my others. Have a great day!

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