What is your element?

Oh, I'm so not good at this. Oh well. If you ever wanted to know what your element was, then take this quiz! I hope your answer is accurate, and that you like the quiz!

Anyway. Do people even read this? If you are, good for you. You can get fire, earth, sky/air, water, darkness, or light as your element. So... have fun!

Created by: Newts and Salamanders
  1. What is a quality you see in yourself?
  2. What is your dream superpower?
  3. Do you keep to yourself?
  4. Would you prefer to be alone or not?
  5. Do you see yourself as independent?
  6. Which of these volunteer or part-time jobs would you choose to have?
  7. Which colors do you like best?
  8. You are going out with 2 or 3 good friends. How do you spend the day?
  9. Pick what best describes you.
  10. When do you do your best thinking?
  11. When you're angry, people...
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: What is my element?