What Element Would You Have?

What Element Are You? Which one are you really? Each element harnesses a special power that you may have. Will you have the element of fire, water, earth, air, cloud, darkness, camoflauge, plant, lightining, or star?

Remember, this quiz will determine your inner element. With many choices, who knows what you`ll get!!! To find out, be sure to take this quiz- and find out what powers you have!

Created by: Maple
  1. Where would you live?
  2. Busiest time of day?
  3. Pet name choice?
  4. Favorite color?
  5. Hobby?
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. Your best friend just decides to tell you that (he/she)cannot come to your party. You-
  8. You are writing to a friend apologizing for lying.
  9. What element would you like to be?
  10. Superpower?

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