What Element are you

So you decided you want to know your secret element well this is the quiz for you just answer a few simple questions and figure out which element you are

U can be Fire, Water, Earth or Air did you know that I did hope you get the element you like I do this just for fun even though I created other quizzes on this site just search it,z just TayTay

Created by: It,z just TayTay

  1. Are you calm (be honest )
  2. Are u ever mad ( be honest )
  3. How do u spend freetime
  4. What do u like to drink
  5. What element do you hope to get
  6. What do u like to eat
  7. Where would u like to live if u could
  8. Are cheerful or not ( it does,not matter but please be honest )
  9. When u have a dream is it really a dream or is it a nightmare
  10. U see some one upset what do u do

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Quiz topic: What Element am I