What element are you?

Elements. They make up everything in our universe. Fire, water, Earth and air. They make up us, one being in our souls. They enrich everything we do, and help us to truly find our places in the universe.

Which element is routed inside you? Passionate fire, free water, happy earth, or calm air? Until now you could only just wonder. In 19 questions I will make the most accurate guess possible as to what's inside you.

Created by: Ash 22

  1. What do you think people like most about your body?
  2. Where would you like to go adventuring!
  3. Which, in your opinion causes the most catastrophe?
  4. Zodiac sign?
  5. What's your face mythical creature?
  6. What about mythical beast? (Out of these)
  7. Divergent faction? If you've read or seen it
  8. Harry Potter house? (You have to know this)
  9. Which one is the best way to tell a story?
  10. Which type of food are you most appealed to?
  11. What's your favourite scent out of the following?
  12. Which is most important?
  13. Which of the following is most frustrating?
  14. A burglar is in your house! What's your reaction?
  15. Your friend has got into an argument and is now asking you to physically fight someone! Your reaction?
  16. Which animal off this list is your favourite?
  17. To you, what is home?

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Quiz topic: What element am I?