What element are you?

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Have you wondered what element you are? This is pure info from wikapidia, i worked extremely hard on this quiz. Its your opinion on what you think you are, but this gives you what you really are.

Are you Fire, Water, Air or Earth? If you want to know try this quiz!!! It will help you find out who you are! Please help me make this popular!!! It is really complex.

Created by: WUVME
  1. What is your season?
  2. What is your time of life?
  3. What is your magic tool
  4. What is your time of day?
  5. What is your Cardinal direction?
  6. What is your Regent Planet?
  7. What is your Elemental being?
  8. Last question, what is your colours?
  9. Did you have fun? Exited to see who you are? I worked hard collecting info.
  10. Oh wait i need another

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Quiz topic: What element am I?