An emos diary 2.0

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  1. "I-I..." Jake couldn't get the words out. "I loved you. But... 20 minutes?" Jake started to tear up. He walked away. Blake stood there. He was chuckling but no one noticed. No one but Allan. Allan looked at Blake, He looked at Lea, and then he looked at Jake. He ran to Jake and held onto his arm. Allan whispered something to Jake. That thing made Jake even more angrier than ever.
  2. He whispered "I want you... You're my brother..." That somehow made Jake even more pissed. Allan wasn't really Jakes brother but he felt that way. Blake spoke up to say "I think I should just go..." Lea, crying, didn't care. Blake walked off. So did Jake. Allan followed him. Allan saw Blake. He was with Bianca. They were.... Kissing. Allan ran to get Lea.
  3. Lea was too sad to move. Allan pulled lea and she saw it. Lea went up to Blake and punched him. She picked up Allan and walked out. She walked home. She wasn't expecting this. She wasn't expecting any of it. Once she got home she opened up the door and went inside. She called "Mum!" But no answer was there. She shrugged it off "Late night at the bar, I guess.." She said. She laid down.
  4. As Lea woke up she went to her mothers room. Although, her mother still wasn't home. She heard a beating at the door. She rushed downstairs but it was too late, Allan answered it. It was a police officer "May I speak to Lea Mays?" The officer said. Once she got to the door she told Allan to wait in the kitchen. "Yes?" Lea asked.
  5. "Hi, Ma'am, I'm officer DeLinko. I came to inform you that there has been a disappearance of your mother. I know what happened. May I come in to share?" He asked trying to look serious but he actually looked sad."Uhm, sure." Lea said motioning for Allan to come with her. She leaded them both into the living room. They both sat down. "I came to tell you that your mother ran her car off of the bridge just two miles past here. She is dead. I'm sorry to tell you that." Mr. DeLinko said. Allan closed his eyes and ran upstairs.
  6. Leas head filled with emotions. "What are we going to do?! Who are we going to live with? Why did she?" Lea had many questions right now. "You have no good family right now. Is there someone you trust that wouldn't mind taking you all in while we figure this out?" Officer Delinko said. "Mrs. Laine... Jakes mother. She was a close friend of our mothers..." Lea said. She lives one block from here... She could walk there but of course... The officer demanding police evacuation.
  7. Jake was in the yard sitting as the police showed up. His mother came out as Officer Delinko came to the door. Lea and Allan were forced to stay there. "We have some bad news. Mrs. Monroe has killer herself leaving her kids behind. They need a nice place to stay at until we figure out something else." Jakes mother and the officer rambled on. Jake heard everything and looked at the cop car. He saw them in the back crying. The cop walked back to the car letting them out. Lea looked at Lucas but kept walking right into Mrs. Laines arms. Allan did the opposite by running to Jake crying. Jake gave him the biggest hug ever.
  8. *yawns* What about Jake and Lea??? This isn't a ship between Allan and Jake.
  9. Okay.. To be continued :D
  10. Bye

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