Shall I tell you about myself?

How well do you think you know me? Well, you should take this quiz to see all the things you thought you knew about me and more. I am not a great person

But I am going deep in this quiz. I hope you make it far to the end. You should meet my demons >:3 I love you all. And, see you at the end of this quiz.

Created by: sademogirl

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  1. My favorite band is My Chemical romance. I actually love 'Welcome to the black parade' and 'Na Na Na'
  2. My favorite color is black. Not because its the perfect color for emo's but because its a mixture or every color.
  3. My favorite movie is 'Poltergeist' because its awesome? Lol
  4. When I was younger two bunnies kept coming to my house. It was a beautiful girl and a handsome boy. I named them Tarzan and Jane. I just felt very connected to them
  5. I always write stories. A couple of my friends said I will be an accomplished writer because my stories are unique. XD
  6. I dont have a bond with my parents. They kinda shut me out...
  7. My favorite soda pop is sprite. Why? I honestly do not know XD
  8. When I started first grade I only had one friend. He was the only one who would actually talk to me. His name was Austin. Lmao, were friends to this day. Although, he doesn't really talk to me now.
  9. I like to do research on my family. Well, one day I found out that my great, great, great, great, great grandfather (XD) worked with George Washington
  10. That is all, I shall see you next time.

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