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  • Which cat clan do you belong to?
    Your Result: The fiery cats 78%

    You belong with the toughest cats out there. This clan has never lost a fight. Your really lucky to have this clan, because this means that your really tough. Be ready, you have a lot of work to do.

    23% The Shadow cats
    0% The Cupcake clan

    Cool but I want to be a cupcake and what HAPPEND to sheep clan!!!!

    Puppet master12
  • I said that I would comment and rate. I did. I got the fiery cats. Good luck everyone

  • 86% Fiery Cats
    44% Shadow Cats
    0% Cupcake Cats

    -------------- ------------------- ---------------

    Ahh , I hate cats. (Sorry but I do.)

    1 Twilight Fan

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