A special quiz for a special person

This doesn't matter. No one reads it. Love Sade? IF YOU DO THEN I WILL MURDER YOU. Please dont call the cops on me... I dont want that again 🍩 Yeah...

I'm tired and bored of this now so.... Bye!~ 🍕 Also, eat less chi Ken so the animals can live! Sorry, I'm against using animals and s---. So, yeah, bye.

Created by: sademogirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Yeah, so this is obviously about a person Cx
  2. Do ya wanna know who?
  3. Are ye sure?
  4. Positive?
  5. Okie, I might tell C:
  6. Just wait... Because ill give a name in a minute
  7. Wait for it
  8. ... Wait for it
  9. 3....2....1...
  10. I'll tell

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