Hey guys, I LOVE YOU

Smurfs are awesome. Dont you agree? Well obviously you do. Ha, I'm just that stupid, I'm annoying. I honestly don't know what I'm writing right now because I'm half asleep.

Lets go have a party! Raise the roof, make it high. C'mon, c'mon. Come and get it now! You know you want this, yeah. Hehehe, b---- I'm fabulous. :3 ye~

Created by: sademogirl
  1. Um guys can I tell you something?
  3. L- love. O-oval. V- Venn diagram. E- exciting.
  4. I am a caring mother. -not actually a mother tho- I need to show my stupidity
  5. Okay now I'm hyper. *sips coffee*
  6. I suck at making quizzes.
  7. Guy, I want you all to know one thing. I will always love you guys like my own family. Even if I don't show that, I really see you like that. I may be a total b----, or you may be a b---- *shrugs* I just love that you actually took your time and wasted it on someone as pathetic and useless as me.
  8. Comment/rate?
  9. Did you enjoy this stupid quiz?
  10. Bye

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