would i date you

It doesn't matter what I write hear because who reads it anymore...hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend yes yes you you I think you need a new one hey hey you you I could be your girlfriend

Singing radiohead at the top of our lungs got the boom box blaring as were falling in love got a bottle of whatever but its getting us drunk singing here's to never growing up we'll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass I'm like yeah whatever were still living like that when the suns going down we'll be raising our cup singing here's to never growing up oh woah oh woah here's to never growing up

Created by: sademogirl

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your ideal first date
  2. If we had a pet what would it be out of these
  3. Do you like partying
  4. Would you hang out with my friends
  5. Would you treat me like a princess truthfully
  6. Are you my friend on gtq
  7. Which color fits your personality
  8. What's your favorite movie genre...mine is horror
  9. Will you rate/comment
  10. Bbyyee

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