Do You Love Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend More Than Them

This is a quiz for someone who want to know do you really love your boyfriend/girlfriend more than them.It make you look at your relationship from a different point of view.

Do you love them more?Or do they love you more?A constant debate on who love each other more? It can be hard when both are professing they're love.Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Breylnn
  1. Do you do things that would make your boyfriend/girlfriend happy not caring how you feel?
  2. Him/She is ill and in the the hospital you want to attend a birthday party you go?
  3. You find yourself doing things for them you normally didn't do in your previous relationship?
  4. No matter what your feeling that day if your boyfriend or girlfriend is happy you are too?
  5. You don't entertain no other guy/girl that is not your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  6. If it meant you had to be unhappy to see him or her happy you would sacrifice your happiness for theirs?
  7. There are things you gave up to make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend was happy?
  8. If you had to give up something to make your girlfriend/boyfriend happy would you?
  9. Do you keep contact with your ex?
  10. You feel your boyfriend/girlfriend don't see how much they would do for them?

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Quiz topic: Do I Love my Boyfriend/Girlfriend More Than Them