Who is your true love?

There are many people that think that they love their boyfriend/girlfriend. They think that they don't need help with their relationship. Well do you?

Do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend as much as you think you do? Well take this quiz and you will know if you need help with your relationship! It will tell you if you are not as supportive as you think you are!

Created by: Misty Kun~ of Find your love
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  1. Who is the name of the boy/girl that you like in your class?
  2. Who have you seen staring at you a lot in class?
  3. Where would you go for your first date?
  4. If you were to ask someone in your class out, how would you tell them?
  5. How would you feel if you said yes to the boy of your dreams in your class?
  6. If you were sad, who would you run crying to?
  7. If you were happy, who would you run to?
  8. If the person you love was gonna die, who would you protect?
  9. If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend,would you always be happy around them?
  10. If your boyfriend/girlfriend was in danger, would you protect them?

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Quiz topic: Who is my true love?