Are you a clingy girlfriend/boyfriend?

do you ever wonder if you're a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend??? well then that's what my quiz is for.. being clingy is not a good thing and its not very fun to deal with either.

Are YOU clingy?? are you constantly feeling the need to what your girlfriend or boyfriend is doing? Do you feel like you're always needing to know everything..well thanks to this quiz you can figure that out in minutes.

Created by: lillian marsh
  1. How long have you been with your BF/GF?
  2. Do you get really upset/jealous when other people of the opposite gender talk to him/her whether they're attractive or not?
  3. Do you tend to ask your GF/BF where they are going whenever they go out?
  4. Do you like to know who he/she is going to hang out with on a daily basis?
  5. Do you tend to feel the need to show some sort of affection with him/her in public to show that he/she is taken by you?
  6. Do you tend to want to constantly hang out with him/her 24/7?
  7. How many times are you the one to start the conversation over text?
  8. How long of a wait can you have until he/she texts you back?
  9. Do you get upset if he/she doesn't answer your text message after a period of time?
  10. Do you think you're a clingy GF/BF?

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Quiz topic: Am I a clingy girlfriend/boyfriend?