Are you to clingy???

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Clingy can be extremely annoying. And it can be attractive but I don't know anyone who likes clingy people...but people need space...and being clingy can be bad for a relationship..

Find out if your clingy in your relationship. Fingers crossed I didn't screw up my quiz and hopefully your not clingy.. (P.s sorry if it sucks haha😂)

Created by: Hadlie

  1. How happy are you 2 in your relationship?
  2. How much do you hangout with him/her?
  3. How long have you been going out?
  4. How long do you talk to him/her for?
  5. After talking for a bit what where you thinking?
  6. What did he or she talk about?
  7. When you hang out what do you to do?
  8. Is your relationship psychical?
  9. What do you do a lot that bugs you?
  10. Could you see yourself with out him/her.
  11. Do you think your to clingy?

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Quiz topic: Am I to clingy???