Are you to clingy?

Hi this is quiz about if your clingy or not , when your done with the quiz it gives you a score (don't worry this score doesn't go on any records)it rates if your clingy with your BF or crush, also you get a message to tell you to ease up or keep up being awesome so if you don't worry a lot the quiz will go very very smooth so enjoy this awesome quiz.

And this is a go to quiz so do what it means do this quiz on the go too, so be awesome and do this quiz.Also follow me on my site on pinterest (by the way hope you love this awesome amazing totally 2018 quiz)love this quiz

Created by: Jalixa
  1. If you see your boyfriend talking to the coolest girl in school you...
  2. If you go to a party do you stay by your boy's side the entire time?
  3. Have you ever tried to guess one of your crush's passwords?
  4. If your boy goes on a trip in a far away place you...
  5. Do you want to spend every waking moment with your boyfriend?
  6. Do you want to spend everything you have to get your bf something for his birthday?
  7. Who have you been sitting at lunch with lately?
  8. Do you and your BF always hold hands?
  9. If your crush doesn't return your phone call you...
  10. How many times do you call your crush each day?

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Quiz topic: Am I to clingy?