Fatty goes on a date

This "quiz" is more or less a story. Imagine your a fat lady with a sexy, massive belly, fluffy arms and chubby legs. Today you're going on a hot date to a restaurant. Please pardon all my typos. There was a lot of writing and I didn't really feel like proofreading :/

This story is targeted at basically anyone who is an FA. I myself am a bi woman who likes fat women (all though for whatever reason I like thin guys? Idk...) so I more or less imagined both of them as being obese females, but the date can look however you imagine them to.

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  1. You weigh 350+ pounds. Your flabby belly hangs down very low, and sways with every move you make. You have arms like pillows and legs so chubby that even the slightest movement sets off a tsunami of jiggles.
  2. You are talking with your friends (who are also blubber buckets) and they tell you they have a friend they can set you up with. your doughy face lights up with joy as they describe there friend. They are just your type!
  3. It's the day of your date and you mush find an outfit. You search your closet for Anything that will bring out your many plush rolls of fat, or perhaps how flabby your entire body is;VERY out of shape with practically no muscle - all luxurious fat. You find a low cut crop top that shows of your cleavage and excessive belly hang. For pants you wear a pair of highwaisted shorts that are several sizes to small. It gives you a massive muffin top, with at least 6 inches of fat bulging out at each side, plus practically double that in the belly area.
  4. You meet your date for the first time at a very nice restaurant. They are very polite and compliment your outfit. In the back of your mind you know that if you eat to much, or even sit down wrong, your buttons will pop. You get to your table and start to order "I'll have the jumbo gourmet burger and a 20 oz glass of coke please" as the waiter walks away your date begins to talk "are you sure that's all your getting? With a belly as fluffy as that, you could have so much more". "Oh I know, trust me". You resoond as you give your date a wink.
  5. Your food comes and it looks absolutely decadent. But you want more. You won't say anything because your don't want to seem rude, but your date can read your expression and understands. "You know you can eat as much as you like. You don't have to restrain yourself. You're really cute when you eat." A smile spreads across your rotund face. After you finish your food, the waiter asks how things are. You order another round of food. This time getting practically everything on the menu that looks good to you
  6. After you scarf all that food down, you are so stuffed you can barely stand. But you still need desert. The waiter comes back and you and your date order the entire dessert menu. Once it comes you eat in all, like the sexy piggy you are. But then, your pants give up. All the buttons pop. All of your belly fat that was trapped in those tight, tight shorts spills out onto your lap. you try to shove your lard back into what's left of those shorts, but it's hopeless.
  7. Your massive, cascading belly is now exposed for the world to see. You date notices what happened and says "don't worry. Now you look even hotter." You blush and start shaking your jiggly blubber. You wait for the water to come back once more and once the bill is payed, you and your date leave. As your walking with your date, your cascading belly sways from side to side. Everytime your step, your entire body jiggles. you and your date play with your belly as you walk, flopping it up and down, squeezing it and squishing it and shaking it. People are staring, but you could care less.
  8. You two find a nearby restaurant and order even more food to satisfy your luscious belly. You sit together on a bench. Your date feeds you while simultaneously exploring all your different rolls and bulges of fluffy, plush fat.
  9. Your date must leave soon so you hug each other. You are so huge and fat that their arms can't even go all the way around you. After, you share a romantic kiss. They hold your and squish your belly as they kiss you. It's one of the most romantic things you've done.
  10. You exchange numbers. You waddle home, hoping that there will be more dates with them in the future

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