How well do you REALLY know me?

They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad, they say I'm evil. That makes me glad a dirty no good down to the bone. Your worst nightmare, can't take me home

So I've got a little misfit, in my blood. Can you blame me? I never got no love. They say I'm careless, a low life hood. I feel so useless misunderstood.

Created by: sademogirl

  1. Who is my favorite user on gotoquiz?
  2. What is my favorite band(s)/my favorite song
  3. How many times do I dye my hair?
  4. What is my real name?
  5. Who is my GTQ crush?
  6. How old am I? This is 2015 by the way ^-^
  7. What is the name of my best friend irl
  8. What's my favorite color(s)?
  9. What are the names of my brothers?
  10. That is all for now BYE MY PRECIOUS' (also the correct answer for this one is 'bye')

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Quiz topic: How well do I REALLY know me?