~An Emo's Diary~

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Created by: sademogirl

  1. Lea was standing in the hallway when she saw Blake. Who was blake exactly? Blake was her crush. Sadly, he was popular. Lea had been made fun of every single day. Do we know why? Oh right... She was emo. She stood by her locker. She was unrecognized, like always. Or was she?
  2. Bianca; Blake's ex/Popular cheerleader had looked at Lea and gasped. "You are not taking my man, emo b----!" She yelled while stomping over Lea. Bianca had slammed Lea's door closed and laughed. "Is that all you have?" Lea asked. Bianca slapped Lea and pushed her down. Everyone was laughing.... Even Blake. Blake was also "emo." He had hair that covered his eyes, black nail polish, cute wristbands, blue eyes, skinny jeans. His shirt was unbelievable. Was it? Is he? IS HE WEARING A TEAM RONNIE RADKE SHIRT? Yes, he was indeed.
  3. Lea cried and ran away. "I'm never going back there!" She yelled while walking home. It had been time to leave anyways. Lea pulled up her hoodie and put her ear buds in. She was listening to Fashinably Late by FIR (Seeeth) When all of a sudden she saw a cute boy walking up to her. Is it? It WAS Blake...... What happened next?
  4. Lea rolled her eyes and took the ear buds out. "Here to laugh at me some more?" She asked with an annoyed tone. "No. I wanted to actually uhm... I-" Blake stopped. "Continue." Lea said sounding curios to know what he'd say. "I-"....
  5. "I wanted to know if you'd like to go on a date with me?" Blake said when he noticed that another boy walked up behind Lea. That guy was... "Jake!" Lea said while hugging him. Of course. Blake just walked away. Lea didn't notice the tears in his eyes but she instead ignored everything and kept to herself. She wondered why he had left.
  6. ~Later That Day~ Lea walked in her front door. "Lea, we need you to take Allan to the park for a party." Lea's mother, Mrs. Monroe, had asked. "Uhm, sure mom." Lea said letting out a sigh at the same time. Allan was 10, Lea was 16. She yelled for Allan to come down the stairs. He was already there. "Oh." She said laughing. She opened the door and let him out. While they were walking, Lea ran into Jake again. The park was right there so Allan just went in. "Uhm, will you go out with me?" Jake asked Lea. "Oh my- Yes!" Lea said. Jake kissed Lea. "I have to go." He said while walking away.
  7. Lea smiled as she walked into the park entrance. There she saw people. Humans. Little kids. She didn't belong at all. Then she looked to her right and found Blake with his little sister. She ignored it and walked away. Blake magically (not really) appeared in front of her. "Lea. I cant take this anymore." Blake said with tears in his eyes.
  8. "Uhm, wha-" Lea was cut off. Blake slipped a hand behind her heard and kissed her. It was the longest kiss ever.
  9. Jake walked in the park to see them kissing.
  10. Lea pulled away. "Jake.." She said crying.
  11. To be continued.

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