A royal fairytale love story part 2

You are a princess in line for the throne. Pick who will be your husband and choose wisely. Whoever my fans like most wins and sire jake wasn't in the results but comment if u wanted him.

Jake: black hair with blue streaks baby blue eyes Lord Christin: hazelnut hair and gold eyes Prince Cameron: blonde hair and casual blue eyes Prince Leonardo: brown hair green eyes

Created by: keke14
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  1. You eat breakfast with your father,mother, and your 3 suitors. You sit between Lord Christin and Prince Cameron. Prince Cameron whispers in your ear to meet him in the library he has a suprise for you. You smile and say ok. Lord Christin hands you a box and you open it. It turns out to be a beautiful gold bracelet. You smile and kiss him on the cheek. You then exit the room to get ready to meet Prince Cameron in the library!!!
  2. Ok what do you wear to your small date?
  3. You walk to the library quietly and when you come in Prince Cameron scares the daylights out of you. Not funny you groan. He sees your upset and says come here you knucklehead i was playing with you. You smile and ask him what was your suprise. Ok close your eyes he laughs. You do as told and feel him putting a necklace on you and then he fastens it. Its a necklace you can use to teleport and talk to animals he tells you. You are so happy you kiss him. When you let go he smiles. I have to go Prince Cameron ill talk to you later. You hurry down the hall to the stalls and see Leo.
  4. Hi princess ______ I would like to introduce you to Pegasus. The horse is all white and has angelic wings on its back. You pet the horse gently stunned of its beauty. Leo shes beautiful you stated calmly. Yea, but shes not mine he smiled softly. You look up at him gently. Is she mine perhaps you said grinning to yourself. Yes she is yours would you like to go for a ride Leo smiled. Ofcourse i do you say still amazed at the horses beauty. Let me get you saddled up Leo says. You smile at him excitedly. Time for the ride to begin!!!
  5. You put the saddle on the horse and wait for Leo. When he finishes putting the saddle on Lightning you two ride off. Pegasus starts to fly and so does Lightning. Prince Leo leads you to a blanket and picnic basket. You and Leo land on the ground safely. Princess shall we sit Prince Leo says softly. You guys sit down and eat, when your done he looks into your eyes. You smile as he leans in to kiss you gently. You let him kiss you until it turns into a makeout. Princess do you love me Leo asks you silently
  6. ," Please don't make me choose'', you tell him in a hurry. He smiles and says," Pick with your heart,". You looked at him surprised because your mother said that to you also. The tree's and plants went pitch black and you started to hypervenilate and Leo calms you down., " I have to go Leo," you replied. You hop onto Pegasus and tell him to step on it. When you walk into the castle you use your amulet and end up at the entrance to Gardenia.You twist the gears to Gardenia and walked in and get hit by a.........
  7. A angry wizard named Thorn. You freeze in mid-air and stare at the wizard angrily. ,"Princess _______ you are incredibly beautiful and sweet marry me or get froze in time until your true love comes," he cackles in laughter. ,"Get away from me I hate you so much," you yell. He makes an painful tug in your stomach and you yelp in infuriation. ,"No I will never marry you," you yell bravely. He smirks and mumbles something ancient. You fall to sleep and you don't wake up....
  8. For the past week your 3 suitors have kissed you and you're still sleep. Your father starts bringing in the kingdom peasants and one boy enters the room. He comes to you and kisses your lips. When he lets go your eyes flicker open. ," Hi Jake nice to see you here", you say happily. He smiles at you in a crazy shy way. You lean in to kiss him some more and he let's go of you nervous. ,"Princess you've awoken, " King Williams says to you. The boy has black hair with baby blue eyes with blue streaks in his hair. You already liked him and then your luck got better when.......
  9. *CLIFFHANGER * SORRY GUYS BUT PART 3 WILL BE LONGER AND WELCOME A NEW SUITOR SIRE JAKE HES A HOTTIE. The results may talk about stuff that didn't happen in the quiz I tried to fix it but gotoquiz rejected so.....
  10. Oh if you have any ideas for the story send me a comment nd ill check it out. Comment nd rate

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