My Quiz Of Emoticons.

Let's be honest here. You won't like this quiz at all. I find the dirt on the bottom of an old boot more interesting than this quiz. Then again, who doesn't find dirt on an old boot interesting?

The thing is too simple. I'll guide you through it. It's okay child. We'll get through this together. So please, take this quiz and then regret it later while you question the direction your life is now going.

Created by: Kimura Katsuro

  1. ('o')
  2. $_$
  3. *^^*
  4. :-*
  5. ;S
  6. ._.
  7. B)
  8. Alright. Thank you all for taking this overly boring quiz. I'm sorry about that.
  9. Bye!
  10. .u.

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