Could you write a good Smash Bros fanfiction?

Welcome, one and all, to one of the strangest spectacles you have ever seen! Did you know that lack of character research is one of the top five reasons why Smash Bros fan fiction tends to fall flat?

Well, good news! In this very quiz, you, yes, you, can find out whether you suffer from the same problem or can rise to the top! With a bunch of obscure trivia and some general writing questions to boot, soon you will know just how far you need to go before you can write that perfect fan fiction!

Created by: Coricus

  1. What is Marth's relationship status?
  2. Marth and Ike are from the same planet.
  3. What gender is the Pikachu in Super Smash Bros?
  4. Is King Dedede evil?
  5. When Mega Man isn't fighting Dr. Wily, he is:
  6. When someone cannot spell, they are bad at:
  7. Which of these Pokemon has a type that is super effective against Mewtwo's type?
  8. Is Sonic a nice guy?
  9. Who does Pit work for?
  10. How is Robin related to Lucina?
  11. Samus was raised by:
  12. Were Shulk's parents killed by Metal Face?
  13. Are you given legal protection of any kind by adding an "I do not own these characters" speech to the beginning of your fan fiction?
  14. Where does Ness live?
  15. What is the name of Lucas' brother?
  16. How tall is Kirby?
  17. Which of these characters has NOT been in a cartoon or movie?
  18. Who in the Star Fox series says, "Do a barrel roll?"
  19. What are the troops of the Underworld Army made out of?
  20. Are Pikachu and Jigglypuff in the same Egg Group?
  21. Lucario is based off of Anubis. In ancient times, Anubis was once combined with which of the following Greek gods?
  22. Pit is a/an:
  23. People usually read fan fiction for what characters?
  24. Zelda is the bearer of the Triforce of ________.
  25. R.O.B. is a/an:
  26. How tall is Mega Man?
  27. What are the creatures Olimar throws called?
  28. Hylians are:
  29. What are Manaketes?
  30. When you fight a Telethia, you need to find a way to:
  31. Is Dark Pit evil?
  32. Is it hypothetically possible for Smash Bros to actually exist?
  33. Is it a good idea to have a character describe their own physical appearance?
  34. What is Mega Man's primary power source?
  35. Who is Priam?
  36. Can Pit fly?
  37. Axes beat lances, lances beat swords, swords beat axes. What do bows beat?
  38. Robin is actually which of these things?
  39. Pit is actually which of these things?
  40. Is a Tv show a good way to judge what a character is like in their games?
  41. Can Kirby sing?
  42. Have you ever played Super Smash Brothers?
  43. Do you like Super Smash Brothers?
  44. Do you have an imagination?
  45. OK, last question: Are you willing to do research on any characters you intend to use in your fan fiction?

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