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What's your favorite fighting game? Do you prefer the classics or the latest releases? This category is dedicated to quizzes about video games in the fighting genre. Get ready to punch, kick, and smash your way to the top!

Our Fighting Quizzes

  • Which fighting game style suits you?
    [by: Christian, rated: rated: 4.05/5, published: Aug 22, 2015]

    Which fighting game style suits you? Do you rock the rushdown, or strategize with a zoner? Well this quiz will tell you your preferred style. Have fun.

  • Which Super Smash Bros character are you?
    [by: Coricus, rated: rated: 3.61/5, published: Aug 19, 2015]

    Super Smash Brothers has a diverse cast of diverse people from across many game franchises. Have you ever been curious about which one of these awesome heroes…

  • The Smash Bros. Brawl Quiz
    [by: Cameron, rated: rated: 3.44/5, published: Dec 12, 2008]

    Okay, I'm going to keep it short, this is a simple basic test if you know Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There is no shame. Subscribe to ShadowGeninV2 on Youtube!

  • Could you write a good Smash Bros fanfiction?
    [by: Coricus, rated: rated: 3.15/5, published: Aug 17, 2015]

    Welcome, one and all, to one of the strangest spectacles you have ever seen! Did you know that lack of character research is one of the top five reasons why…

  • Super Smash Bros Melee Quiz
    [by: James Holness, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: Apr 1, 2007]

    There are many people who have Super Smash Bros Melee for the gamecube and most people love it. It is probably the best game ever released on the gamecube.…

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