do you know Emoticons?

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emoticons are verry fun!i love thema and i hope you love them tooo!they can show people what do you feel right now and they're all cute!you shouldn't know all of them!

but if you do,i should say:"wow!"because i don't know all of them too!my favorites are :D,:P,:(,x_x,and :)!this quiz will tell you hoe much you know about them!

Created by: dragon

  1. simple questions, :D?
  2. you're sad:
  3. you're ANGRY!
  4. love...
  5. a little harder,you did something bad and you don't wanna see it!
  6. it's not fair!
  7. loser!
  9. am i cool!?
  10. LIAR!!!
  11. this quiz is finish!did you like it!?;;). if you liked it.i :x you all!bye!:-h

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Quiz topic: Do I know Emoticons?