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  • Do You Know Your German?
    [published: Apr 30, 2010, 4 comments]

    Not many people can speak German... It's not very popular in America... You dont see signs on stores……

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  • "As we were going through Alaina's journals, we found this poem written on the back cover. The date it was written was November 21, 2010. Her..."
  • Some Sad News
    "Hello all. This is Alaina's father. One of her dying wishes was for me to bring this news to you. My beloved daughter died at age 13 of chil..."
  • I'm actually
    "Thanks... I really have to go now, I'm about to cry. It just hurts too much. Bye."
  • I'm actually
    "Ellis, I really don't feel like saying how old I am... It makes me feel hopeless and my life seen pointless, since I haven't even lived to g..."
  • I'm actually
    "*hugs* I decided to come on to say goodbye actually. I saw this thread and saw the recent post was only a bit ago so I decided instead of ma..."
  • I'm actually
    "No, I'm not dead. Just really sick. The doctors say I could die today, tomorrow, or months from now. They just don't know. The chemo isn't w..."
  • Hey everyone!
    "i only have 6 months to live. i should go now. bye."
  • Hey everyone!
  • Hey everyone!
    "chemotherapy. u know. for cancer. *sigh*"
  • Hey everyone!
    "hey guys im bak from my chemo =("
  • hello d00d?
    "i hope. thanks. i appreciate your optimism. i just got diagnosed yesterday. today is my first treatment. the doctor says i only have about a..."
  • hello d00d?
    "aw man, i have to go for some chemo. im so annoyed. im gonna lose my hair... bu i guess its better than dying from my cancer. i will talk to..."
  • hello d00d?
    "im not sassy."
  • hello d00d?
    "hey guys. sorry i havent come on lately. ive been really sick recently. its kind of hard to talk about."
  • "yea. i have to go eat dinner... my uncle just came from germany today. we're supposed to 'welcome' him to america. i'm sure he'll dislike th..."

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