do you know the texting talk?

There are many many texters in the world, I'm one too, but there are very few true texting pro's, a texter if you don't know aredy which YOU should, is a person with a cell phone that can send messages to his or her friends!...DUH!!!

Are YOU a texter? I know I am, are YOU a texting pro? there are alot of texters in the world but very few texting pros are you one of them??? Take this quiz right now and find out!!!!

Created by: cute 99
  1. Are you ready to take the test?
  2. What does lol mean?
  3. What does omg mean?
  4. What does jk mean?
  5. What does ttyl mean?
  6. What does gtg mean?
  7. What does brb mean?
  8. What does idk mean?
  9. What does hbu mean?
  10. What does l8r mean?
  11. What does n mean?
  12. What does rofl mean?
  13. what does wat mean?
  14. Do you know the texting languege?
  15. what does u mean?
  16. last question: did you enjoy this test?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the texting talk?