Do you know how to text talk?

Do you have a cell phone? do your parents let you text? then i guess you know how to text talk. if you do i bet you can master my quiz. Dont worry, its not that hard unlike the other quizzes! i mean, those things are hard! Sheesh, they should make these things easier...

Well, if you try taking my other quiz, "How well do you know dogs" then you can master my quiz.. Dont worry its not as tough as you think. lets just hope you have the texting skills to help you.

Created by: brizelle
  1. What does this mean? "TTYL"
  2. "BRB"
  3. "LOL"
  4. "Ur"
  5. "PPL"
  6. Are you catching up?
  7. Ok, heres an easy one? "SYLA"
  8. Ok! heres a really tough one. from my first quiz, " How well do you know dogs" what is the answer to number 1??
  9. Sorry.. that was tough. Anyways..
  10. Last Question, Do u like dis quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to text talk?