The Adventure Time Test!

There are many like seriusly pepole saying they are adventure time pros, but ARE YOU? Click this quiz to know! That's all i needed to right so yeah enjoy it!

Are you a real fan? Do you have your'e brain to do it? Click this quiz to know! That's all i needed to right. So texting, boring.... And more texting.... Done!

Created by: PeanutButterJellyTime!
  1. What's the first word in the intro?
  2. Where does LSP live?
  3. Where does Jake and Finn live?
  4. What's Finn's Favourite Princess?
  5. What Does Jake Date With?
  6. Who Are Jake And Finn?
  7. Who Is Always Stupid?
  8. What's Finn's Favorite Food?
  9. Is Finn In Love?
  10. Where Does Jake Sleep In?
  11. What's Jake Can Turn Into?
  12. Who's Ice King?
  13. Cya!

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