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Adventure Time is a show we all love. Really, who doesn't love the very brave Finn and his hilarious best friend Jake? But being fond of the show isn't enough. Sometimes, we have to prove our love by showing how much we know about them.

So you think you know enough about Adventure Time? Do you think you have enough AT knowledge to last at least one week in Ooo without getting slayed by a monster or falling into a dungeon trap? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Inaqui Angelo
  1. Which character doesn't appear in the Adventure Time intro?
  2. What is Finn's name in the original pilot episode?
  3. What mark does Marceline put on the places she live in?
  4. In "Freak City," what human body part did the Magic Man cursed Finn to become?
  5. Why did Finn have to cut his long hair?
  6. What weapon did Finn use to defeat the Lich in "Mortal Folly"?
  7. What is the Ice King's original name?
  8. In "Video Makers," what movie genre did Jake want to shoot?
  9. Why was Marceline mad at her father?
  10. Which princess was Me-mow trying to assassinate?
  11. Why did Princess Bubblegum have to return to her normal age after turning into a teenager?
  12. In "Fionna and Cake," who did Fionna say she really wanted to date?
  13. What did the Cute King demand to the Ice King in "Conquest of Cuteness"?
  14. What did Finn, Jake, and their friends agree to do every Christmas?
  15. What episode did Princess Bubblegum and Finn finally kiss on the lips?
  16. In "The Limit," what does the title of the episode refers to?
  17. The shirt that the Door Lord stole from Princess Bubblegum was given to her by...
  18. What did Jake stole in "City of Thieves"?
  19. What food do Lumpy Space Princess' parents always make her?
  20. What language does the Lady Rainicorn speak?
  21. Why was Marceline mad at her boyfriend?
  22. What was Death's condition before he would give back the soul of Princess Bubblegum's plant?
  23. Who had Finn kidnapped in "Crystals Have Power"?
  24. What did Finn give to the bear who said he wanted to be a hero like him?
  25. What is BMO's gender?
  26. Who is Hunson Abadeer?
  27. Which US president resembles the king of Mars?
  28. What is the name of the creature who granted reality-altering wishes to Finn and Jake?
  29. What does BMO usually do alone at the tree house, when Finn and Jake leave for adventures?
  30. Which of the following is NOT one of Jake's puppies?
  31. In "The Great Bird Man," the Great Bird Man was a previous character Finn and Jake once met. What was his original name?
  32. According to several indicators in the story, Adventure Time was set approximately after how many years since the extinction of humans?
  33. The Party God is the leader of partying in Ooo who appears flying around in a few episodes, sometimes randomly. He is a giant head of which animal?
  34. Why did Jake leave his puppies several days after they were born?
  35. What is the title of the book that citizens of Ooo usually refer to for dating advice?
  36. Which of the following phrases is written on the Ice King's drum set?
  37. Which of the following pair of main characters were voiced by the same actor?
  38. Who is the Banana Man?
  39. After Finn's sword made of demon's blood was broken, he decided to use a sword made of what material?
  40. Why did Princess Bubblegum try to ruin Tree Trunks' wedding ceremony?
  41. Who became Flame Princess' most trusted servant when she started ruling the Fire Kingdom?
  42. What is the name of the pink worm that lives inside Jake's viola, and appears in several episodes?
  43. Why did Finn and Flame Princess break up?
  44. In one episode, the Ice King was able to return to his normal self during the present time, but, since he is dying, had to get back to current form. Who helped him?
  45. What phrase is written on Finn and Jake's clock in their tree house?

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