What Adventure Time Character Are You?

Do you like Adventure Time? Probably, I mean, you clicked on this quiz! This quiz will show you what Adventure Time character you are most like. Will it be someone you like? Or will it be a completely unexpected character?

Are you ready? I hope you fully enjoy this quiz, and I hope your question of "What character am I most like?" will be answered. Good luck, and please be honest!

Created by: CoolKitten
  1. Oops, you accidentally tripped in the middle of the cafeteria with your tray! Food spills on your new jeans, but not on your shirt.Everyone in the cafeteria is laughing at you. How do you react?
  2. Back to question 3..: What color were your new jeans?
  3. Who is your favorite family member?
  4. If you could have one wish.. what would it be?
  5. If you are a girl, what do you usually wear?
  6. If you are a boy, what do you wear?
  7. Favorite music genre?
  8. Which version of AT do you like better?
  9. Do you have a strange obsession?
  10. What do you hate talking about the most?
  11. Your favorite hobby?
  12. Are you ready for results?

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Quiz topic: What Adventure Time Character am I?