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  • Sprechen really means the verb "to speak". Nicht means not no is nein. Freund not feund. Auf Wiedersehen means see you again. Abrufen is more to obtain/recall than getting. Die can also mean that and other things for example in the sentence Die Enten die klein sind - The ducks THAT are small. Last section: Vielen Dank, dass Sie meine Quiz means thank you that you my Quiz (Needs something like machen haben at the end). Not sure about the end of it. Just thought you should know because I don't want you going away thinking that this is right and then using it. Don't take this as mean I'm not trying to be!

    Mushto Dec 13 '13, 3:33PM
  • 45% I love your quiz :)

    lilfreakgryl Dec 28 '10, 2:24PM
  • 64%

    sapphiretwirl May 7 '10, 9:39PM
  • :) 82% out of 100%... That's good, since I'm learning German... Still learning, however... nice quiz. :) But I think you spelled 'friend' wrong... it has an 'r' doesn't it? :)

    mgirl60 Apr 30 '10, 9:14PM

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