Do You Know Your German?

Not many people can speak German... It's not very popular in America... You dont see signs on stores that say: WE SPEAK GERMAN!!! or whatever do you? I just moved to America 2 years ago, and I have had difficulty learning english.

Now it's YOUR turn. Do you know German? OR ARE YOU JUST A LUCKY GUESSER? Why don't we find out!!!!!!!!!! Your results are only a couple guesses away....

Created by: lolzer

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  1. Okay. i will say a German word, and you make your best guess as to what it means. NO CHEATING!!! ok?
  2. ja = _____
  3. sprechen = ______
  4. nicht
  5. feind = _____ (this may be easy because you use this word in reference in english too)
  6. if feind means enemy, then feund means ____
  7. auf wiedersehen= ____
  8. now some harder words!!!
  9. abrufen = ______
  10. die = _____
  11. now guess what the following sentences mean!!!!: Vielen Dank, dass Sie meine Quiz! Bitte Rate und Kommentar! werden meine nicht... es egal, wenn Sie fehlgeschlagen oder aced es! Sie haben einige neue Sachen gelernt, und das ist am wichtigsten!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my German?