How German are you?

There are alot of Germans out there. Do you think you german? Maybe this test might help u figure that out. You will need to know your German Culure, history, and laguage. I made this test because i am german. I was also bored at the time! I hope you will enjoy it! Trust me! It is quite good! But be warned! May cause crying becuase you failed this test becuase u dont know ur German stuff!

Are you german? Do you think you are german? Or are u just bored? Now you can take a simple test and see if you are german or not! Just answer a few questions in a few minutes and you will see! Warning! May cause crying because you failed this test because you dont know your german stuff!

Created by: Dominic

  1. How do you say Hello.My name is .... What is your name?
  2. What is a famous dish that you usualy see germans eat?
  3. Who was the evil mean guy that caused World War 2.
  4. Which side of Germany did the USSR take over?
  5. How do you say "I come from America. Where do you come from?
  6. What do Germans do and goto in October?
  7. Did they drop a nuke on Germany?
  8. Where is Germany?
  9. What curency dose germany use?
  10. What was the old curency?

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Quiz topic: How German am I?