whats your rockstar look?

ok you are going to be a rockstar and now you need a look there are many looks out there but you need the perfect look so you wont look like out a place so im gonna help you out with that.

this quiz will help detemine what look you will need in order to make the top 20 rockstars alive and you wanna hit number 1 so taking this quiz is gonna tell you what to ware. please comment and rate hey i did you a favor

Created by: Island Hitler

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. so what look do u usalley use? oh ok sorry guys!! this quiz is only for girlz!
  2. are u like energetic?
  3. wich hairstyle is so cool?
  4. so your makeup
  5. ok wat music?
  6. sooo
  7. so wat bands?
  8. this doesnt count
  9. so will you rate?
  10. bout commenting?

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Quiz topic: Whats my rockstar look?