How much of a rocker are you

There are many different people in this world today we will how much of a rocker are you a Total Rockstar Or a total DORK!! So concluding this Just try it have no doubt thats What rockings all about (a little crappy i know short notice)

Theres 2 reasons you can lose 1. You suck 2. you dont like rock Any thing questions you want to ask to bad dont worry if u fail its just a quiz Will you be a champion The Undenied Champion

Created by: Jay

  1. do you like shopping?
  2. Favourite band?
  3. Some one trips you over whet do you do
  4. Any car in the world? what would it be
  5. Your best friends keeping a secret from you what do you do
  6. What song describes Your life
  7. Your pick Brotha!!
  8. What race are you?
  9. Favourite Movie?
  10. do you like this Quiz So Far?
  11. where there you spend most of your time singing?

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Quiz topic: How much of a rocker am I