Which MiG are you drawn to?

MiG. The artist. There are so many sides to MiG. From his appearance on RockStar INXS to his theatre roles in We Will Rock You, Rent, and Buddy, to mention just a few! MiG also reveals his personal side through video diaries on YouTube. MiG the man has many sides to him, all of them shine bright and reach people of different levels. This is what makes MiG so unique. He can sing anything, wear anything, and he is loved!

Which MiG do you find yourself most drawn to? Everyone has their preference, and no matter how you see MiG, it is right because it is how you are drawn to him. So, let's find out! Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: gotmig of got MiG?
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  1. When you think of a song MiG has sung, the first to enter your mind is...
  2. You like MiG best when he is dressed in...
  3. The MiG hairstyle you like best is...
  4. When describing MiG to your friends, whats the first words that come to mind?
  5. Which jacket that MiG has worn would you sell your right arm for?
  6. Which pair of shoes MiG has worn are your favorite?
  7. Do you prefer a MiG with eyeliner, or without?
  8. If you could have MiG sign a body part which body part would it be?
  9. If you could have MiG sign a body part which body part would it be?
  10. What is your favorite MiG song from the album?

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Quiz topic: Which MiG am I drawn to?