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  • The Promised Neverland
    "*chops you in half(just kidding)* Don and Gilda lead some of the teams when they escape the orphanage. Phil is also a major part of th"
  • Hey Draco
    "(Ok I will do a little report on them) “Hey Conny, since it’s your last day here, let’s play tig outside since you love the game,”he o"
  • Hey Draco
    "(Anyone can act as Conny and we can take turns to be the main spare characters Gilda Don And maybe Phil)"
  • The Promised Neverland
    "*RAGE X1000*"
  • The Promised Neverland
    "Did you two watch it?"
  • Anime Quotes
    "My own quote-“Kill those that annoy you!”"
  • "Cat cause I’m afraid of dogs"
  • The Promised Neverland
    "Btw when they told Ray the plan to escape with everyone he disagreed."
  • Hey Draco
    "(Yep) Norman spotted a blond hair girl. “There you are Conny!” He took a seat next to her. He stuffed food in his mouth."
  • "I thought it counts 💭"
  • "Lucky Road. I’m not in a relationship and I’m 15. My mum wants me to have a boyfriend*hell no*."
  • Hey Draco
    "“She is going to a foster family and I have no idea,” he quickly whipped on some clothes before entering the dining room. He remembere"
  • Hey Draco
  • Drekk's thread.
    "*weeps for Effie*"
  • guess the lyrics game
    "If people aren't posting I am. Thingy: I was never right for the hero type of role I admit it With my heart shiveri"

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