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    "gah gues not.. sheesh get a tip on yourself ghostly guy!!"
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    "hey don't i know you"
  • "well then, you're probably wrong that you're sure you want to know something"
  • "You sure"
  • "well do ya?"
  • Do you like breadsticks?
    "hi! Welcome to sea world !!"
  • Worst fears.
  • Hi minions
    "hugs and kisses y'all *leaves*"
  • Hi minions
    "Aauuucchh..late bravo see yo lateor IMMA go too.......HOOUAH"
  • Hi minions
    "It's NIGHT time fee me over here^"
  • Hi minions
    "Ive scene tongue around before but I never talked at this place of course.."
  • Hi minions
    "Blacklist....whateva THAT MEans"
  • Hi minions
    "yah? who is he then? Tall white blacklist hair?"
  • Hi minions
    "I know I'm a good liar aint I? Who would seriously cry and sit in a corner like a Whiney baby anywho eh?by the way..holy fudge bravosix you ..."

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